tune-yards/U.S. Girls Show Preview

Author: Jordan Madden

Madison is in for a special treat on October 26th when two of the world of alternative-pop’s most intriguing acts are set to perform at the Majestic. Thanks to the 4AD label for sharing these incredible acts with us, both artists are now touring in promotion of new records. TUnE-yArDs’ eerie yet upbeat I can feel you creep into my private life has mystified and stood out, and U.S. Girls’ magnum opus In a Poem Unlimited has both enchanted and disturbed listeners with some of the grooviest music you’ll hear all season. The combination is set to incredibly accentuate each other’s musicianship and contrast each other’s style.

Raised in New York City and Connecticut, the New England native and alternative pop icon, tUnE-yArDs will bring to Madison a beautiful display of inventive rhythms and upbeat sound. With music overtly political, Tune-Yards provides an eccentric soundtrack for the modern age, critiquing neoliberalism, sexuality, and more. For an evening of haunting artistry and hypnotic percussion, come to see tUnE-yArDs at the Majestic on October 26th. Be on the lookout for “Colonizer,” the classic “Water Fountain” of Google Pixel fame, and “Heart Attack” during Friday’s performance.

An experimental pop masterpiece, In a Poem Unlimited, is without a doubt a frontrunner for many “Albums of The Year” lists. With hints of Motown and jazz, while remaining narratively dark, U.S. Girls’ vibrant display of synths, strings, and lush vocals is nothing less than mesmerizing. U.S. Girls’ repertoire is mysterious yet sensual, violent yet chilling, and above all original. Just in time for Halloween, Madison is blessed to bear witness to some spooky-good talent. Make sure you listen for the enchanting “Window Shades” featuring a sample of the show-stopping soul-singer Gloria Ann Taylor, the atmosphere “Rage of Plastics,” radio-ready “Pearly Gates,” and the cool, cool sound of a sound-to-be-alternative-classic “Velvet 4 Sale.” Happy Halloween and hope to see you Friday, October 26th at the Majestic in Madison, WI.

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