Shannon And The Clams Show Preview

Author: Ariel Wood

On Tuesday, October 30th, Shannon and the Clams are headed to Madison’s High Noon Saloon.

Having just released their fifth full-length studio album, Onion, the show should highlight all the wonderful things that give Shannon and the Clams its cult following. With singular and novice beginnings, the band has grown both in size and talent to become a beautifully matured group like the golden sounds of the 60’s pop they are so inspired by. Shannon Shaw, creator, vocalist, and bassist, offers an abundance of raw lyrics and vocals that pull the audience in. Her chief collaborator, guitarist and vocalist Cody Blanchard, couples this intensity and further opens the inner psyche of the band. With additional musicians like Nate Mahan on drums and Will Sprott on the keyboard, Shannon and the Clams craft a sound like no other. At once nostalgic and heart wrenching, the upbeat tempo and sweet 60’s glow makes you want to dance and cry and scream-sing all at the same time.

Madison’s own The Hussy, self-proclaimed, “Demonic punk rock duo turned terrible trio! Now with more guitar” will be starting the night with a high note, in respect to both energy and volume.

Dirty Fences, hailing from Brooklyn, NY should kick things into gear with some raucous rock n roll. Now out with their first full-length album, Too High to Kross, the band imbues the rambunctious fun and musicality of early American rock and punk. Their album’s title and general sound is a nod to one of their main inspirations, Red Kross. You can even get a taste of their on-stage sound because they recorded all the instrumentation on the album live in studio at High/Low Records in Memphis, Tennessee. So listen up, and ticket up, because it’s going to be a banger of a show!