Wild Nothing Show Preview

Author: Hayley Snell

Piggybacking off the release of their 2018 album Indigo, indie rock band Wild Nothing has taken to the road for a North American tour. Formed and fronted by singer-songwriter and instrumentalist Jack Tatum, Wild Nothing is set to play the Majestic Theatre on November 8th. The Virginia-based band has dug deep into their roots in the latest album, creating a sound rich in 1980’s nostalgia. Full of dreamy reverb, synth, and texture, Indigo works to bring a smooth sound to its listeners.

In 2010 when their first album, Gemini, was created and released, Tatum worked solo in his Virginia Tech dorm room. He was endlessly creative, yet limited by the sounds he could create. Since then, Wild Nothing has gained members and moved to a more professional recording setting, giving them the full, rounded sound that is found in their newer albums. As the band has grown in its musical identity, they have drawn in a diverse group of listeners with their unique nostalgic sound. Their latest jump in fans has been attributed to their song “Chinatown”, off the album Gemini, appearing in the Netflix rom-com, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. The release of the film pulled in a younger crowd that caused their overall listenership to rise dramatically. While the tour has been largely dedicated to tracks off of Indigo, Tatum acknowledges that he doesn’t want to “beat people over the head with the new record.” He noted that he had been re-learning old songs and teaching them to his newer bandmates, giving the audience an opportunity to hear some older tracks.

Tatum admits he “doesn’t place too much importance on words.” Instead, he works more to present a whole package, focusing on the way the different instruments and sounds work together. Their lyrics balance the complexities in their instrumental sound, giving their music a sense of equilibrium. Listeners can still identify with the simple, open-ended statements heard in Wild Nothing’s music, but also are left to get lost in the music.

Wild Nothing will be joined by electro-pop trio Men I Trust. The indie group, based out of Montreal, started releasing music in 2014. Over the years they have recorded and mastered their own music. The band’s recent music focuses on simple melodies and mellow rhythms. Their act should perfectly kick off the concert and complement the upbeat sound of Wild Nothing. The two groups are sure to provide a wonderful night full of groovy indie tunes.