Atmosphere Show Preview

Author: Michael Santos

On Wednesday, November 14th, the Sylvee will be hosting a trio of hip-hop artists off of the Rhymesayers label. Headliner, Atmosphere, will be accompanied by deM atlaS and The Lioness. All are from Minneapolis and all have released albums in the very recent past.

Atmosphere, who has been making music since the late 80s consists of two friends on the wrong end of forty-five: Slug, the rapper, and Ant, the producer. However, the consistency of which they have been releasing albums proves their ages to be just irrelevant numbers. Their latest album, Mi Vida Local, follows their previous work in many ways but not all. Slug’s jazzy, dreamy, and creative backing tracks continue to support Ant’s introspective flows. However, this album seems to be slightly less playful and good vibes-esque than their earlier hits such as “Sunshine” and “Don’t Forget”. Nevertheless, the duo of Slug and Ant always provides for a fun listen.

While deM atlaS’s rendition of hip-hop is rather similar to that Atmosphere, it has slightly slower beats accompanying sometimes sappier lyrics as can be heard on his new album, Bad Actress. The Lioness, on the other hand, brings a more aggressive, fast-paced attitude to her music as is evident on Greater Vision. Both artists, however, are featured on Atmosphere’s new tune, “Drown.” One can hope that the three parties will join for an electric, live rendition of the already intense song. Nevertheless, if you are looking to spend your Wednesday taking a trip down an underground hip-hop road, the Sylvee is the place for you.