Wild Nothing Show Review

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    Tue Nov 13 2018

Author: Hayley Snell

When my friends and I told our Uber driver we were headed to the Majestic Theatre to see Wild Nothing, he gasped. He told us that he loved their music and wished he was going. He promptly switched the music he was playing to Wild Nothing's 2012 album Nocturne. As we arrived, he wished us a wonderful night and boy, it was.

As the lights dimmed around 8 o'clock, Men I Trust took the stage. Adorned in dark blue and pink lights, they kicked off the night with their calm indie beats. Vocalist Emma graced the audience with her tranquil voice and gratitude between each song. The band played a mix of new and old music, taking time to play some of their better-known tunes like “Tailwhip”, “Show Me How”, and “Seven.” As the audience swayed and sang along, the band members grinned and vibed with one another. Everyone, including the band members, was fully immersed in the music. Their mellow and dreamy set perfectly started the show.

Wild Nothing, dressed in baseball caps, Doc Martens, and wicked graphic tees, opened their set with none other than “Nocturne.” Jack Tatum, the band's frontman, stopped between songs to thank the audience and cheekily reply to shouting audience members. As their set reached its midpoint, their keyboardist mixed things up, switching to a saxophone for a couple of songs like “Whenever I” and “Partners in Motion.” The audience, myself included, was captivated by the added surprise element. The saxophone gave an alluring, dreamlike quality to their performance. The set ended with “Letting Go”, as the lights dimmed, and the band walked off stage, the audience continued to chant and cheer. As the audience roared, the members came back to the stage for a much-anticipated encore. The band played two last songs, finishing the night by throwing it back to 2012 with “Shadow.” Wild Nothing performed a dazzling show, full of their nostalgic indie sound. It was an outstanding show that was such a privilege to attend.