Dillon Francis and Allison Wonderland Preview

Author: Sean Borman

On the coat-tails of their latest release, Alison Wonderland and Dylan Francis are coming to the Sylvee this Thursday, January 31st, here in Madison to do what they do best, perform like there’s no tomorrow. Both artists have been widely known for their ability to command a crowd. With them will be the artist known as Diablo, who is certainly going to let out some of his hip-hop roots and give the crowd even more variety in the spread of EDM they will be getting.

Dillon Francis released his third full-length album late last year titled WUT WUT, which had a new excitement in comparison with those before it. Francis has been spinning at some of the world’s largest electronic festivals in the last few years and is frequently recognized as one of the best DJs out there right now. Likewise, Alison Wonderland put out her second full length album Awake last year around the same time. Which she considers to be “an exhilerating step forward”. Awake followed up on her first album, Run, with a few years more experience and it shows. The sound is fresh, and the beats are exhilerating. The duo released “Lost My Mind” earlier this month and seems to be in a good place going into their tour.

The show is sure to be even more exciting with the news that it will be the three artists, respectively, followed by a performance by both Dillon Francis and Alison Wonderland to finish off the night. I have great expectations moving into Thursday’s show.