Post Animal Preview

Author: Ashley Evers


It is no secret that rock collective Post Animal love playing live shows in Madison. They are headed back to play another show at High Noon Saloon on Jan. 31st. If you missed them in April, now is the time to catch this energetic set that will surely satisfy one’s need for a groovy tune. This psychedelic rock group budded in 2014 is composed of members Dalton Allison, Jake Hirshland, Javi Reyes, Wesley Toledo, and Matt Williams. Stranger things fans may recognize the name Joe Keery, as he plays the beloved Steve Harrington in the hit Netflix series. However, Keery has since then stepped away from music to focus on his acting career.The band originated in Chicago, IL and has gained popularity across the Midwest in the past year. Vivid Tame Impala influences paired with a groovy, old-school aesthetic gives the ensemble a distinctive image.


The group’s talent shines both through their combined songwriting skills and fun-loving nature. These features have already made an impression on their fans and add to their stage presence when performing around the country. Offering both intense musicality and dreamy tunes, the group radiates an infectious energy to each venue they play. The band surely offers a versatile sound with something to please any listener.


The group is building up an impressive discography showing strengths in various genres. The welcoming nature Post Animal possesses through a combination of smooth riffs and pop hooks will naturally steal the attention of listeners. Their latest project, When I Think Of You In A Castle, was released just days before the last time Post Animal played in Madison and features the sludgy-psychedelic “Gelatin Mode” as well as the more pop influenced “Ralphie.” The transportive rhythms highlighted on this album came alive through the power of collaboration of each member and their like-minded goals.


Madison is set to be their second date on the 2019 United Stakes Tour. They are supported by Ron Gallo and Bunny. Doors open at 7:30pm and music begins at 8:30pm.