Bas Preview

Author: Nathan Haimowitz


Touring in celebration of his phenomenal, critically lauded record, Milky Way, released last August, Abbas Hammad prepares to meet a raucous Madison crowd on his Wisconsin debut with his show this Saturday, February 9th, at the Majestic Theatre.


The Queens, New York based, Paris-born, Sudanese rapper has been an industry mainstay with two other studio albums having been released before 2018 and the fact that he’s been touted as J. Cole’s protegee since 2014, when Bas officially signed to J. Cole’s label. Despite this status, this summer truly proved to be the breakthrough for Bas as Milky Way proved a tremendous commercial success. In its first week on sale, the album sold more records than Bas’ first record Last Winter has sold to date.


Milky Way has meant a great deal to Bas beyond just expanded brand recognition. He describes the album as “about finding higher ground” after he had spend the better part of the last two and a half years since his last album searching for ways to stay grounded. Features on the album from Aril Lennox, J. Cole, and Correy C, all of whom he has toured alongside, provides an intimacy to the album and naturally flows with Bas’ goals of “love of self [and] love of others.”


Bas’ commitment to escalating the excitement of his crowds has shown through on each stop of his tour thus far. Part of that commitment to connection during his shows can be seen through the decision to explore each city he visits. Bas has noted in interviews that the stories he hears while on tour have proven to be a source of “a lot of inspiration,” while always writing with future albums in mind. Additionally, on this tour Bas has made it a point to bring a fan on stage to assist him on a verse when needed.


Fans can expect an exciting, action packed, yet emotionally enduring set this Saturday at the Majestic Theatre. Doors are set to open at 7 PM with the show beginning at 9 PM. Rexx Life Raj, Innanet James, and Correy C all will set the stage for Bas to go on and conclude what figures to be a tremendous Madison introduction.