Chrome Sparks Preview

Author: Ben Farrell


This Friday, synths, bass, and everything in between will shake the floors and ceilings of the High Noon Saloon. Electronic producer and DJ Chrome Sparks in coming to town. Fresh off the release of his 2018 LP, also titled chrome sparks, the Brooklyn based musician has hit the road on a national tour.

Lying somewhere in the midpoint between Daft Punk, Van Halen, and Phillip Glass, Chrome Sparks’ signature sound is a large one. Booming bass, crunching synths, and vocoders galore transport the listener into a world he himself has created. To facilitate this sound, Chrome Sparks went to pretty drastic measures.

“For this album, I spent a month in a cabin in up-state New York with no cell phone service, no WIFI, I really isolated myself” Sparks said in an interview with future music magazine in 2018. “I didn’t have to worry about everyday things, and it really opened me up to dig a bit deeper into myself.”

The musical individualism, and even isolation Sparks talked about is clear on his most recent project. He doesn’t shy away from using instruments less associated with his own genre. On his track All or Nothing he ushers the listener is greeted by the vibrado of a baritone sax, soaring over the crashing synth-bass combo more closely associated with his work.

If a good time is what you want, you can find it here. If interesting music is what you want, then you’ve got nowhere else to go. Sparks’ concert process is a complex one. At every show, he brings out two synthesizers, creating the live experience one looks and hopes for, meshing improvisation with his pre-recorded tunes. If you’re a fan of electronic music, or music in general, this is a must see!