Too Many Zooz Preview

Author: Jack Snedegar

Too Many Zooz blossomed in the grimy subways of NYC. Luckily, you won’t have to venture all the way out east to hear the trio break it down. This Tuesday, the Majestic will host the trio for a night of high octave brasshouse. Known for their energized and intense performances, Too Many Zooz will have you bouncing off the walls with their infectious blend of jazz, afro-beat, funk, EDM, and house.


In 2013, the trio were thrust into the national spotlight after one of their subway performances went viral on YouTube. Their unique combination of baritone sax, modified drums, and trumpet captivated commuters and the music world alike. After that sudden jumpstart, the band migrated from the subway station to the recording studio, releasing four EPs and a full length album: Subway Gawdz, by 2016. Bursting with frenetic groove, the band slay each song with a fervent intensity. Their manic, groovy, and oh so funky sound quickly racked up worldwide attention. The band has garnered nearly a million streams on Spotify, and their single, “Warriors,” received significant play on Radio One. Returning to Madison for the third time, Too Many Zooz are a live act you won’t want to miss. Their bombastic sound is amplified live, where you can feel every drum beat and sax note in your chest. In my opinion, frontman Leo P’s dance moves are worth the admission price alone.

Check out “Warriors” here:

Make sure to get to the Majestic early for Kainalu, a beachy and synthy exploration of funk from the mind of UW Madison graduate Trent Prall.

Listen to “Folds Like Origami” here: