Snail Mail, Varisty, and Lala Review

Author: Hayley Snell

A chilly winter night was no deterrent of indie music fans, who braved the weather to wait in line for a sold-out show by Varsity, Lala Lala, and Snail Mail at The Metro in Chicago. After fans piled into the venue, the five members of Varsity took the stage and started the night off with their song “Kelly.” Their upbeat tunes kept the audience engaged, but it was single “So Sad, So Sad” that was the ultimate crowd pleaser. The energetic support from the audience continued into the captivating performance by Lala Lala. Lead singer Lilly West broke up her set with a memorable cover of “Slip Away” by Perfume Genius. The Chicago-based bands were perfect openers for the show. Their familiarity and amiable stage presence pulled in the crowd and started the night off on the right note, no pun intended.

After what seemed like a grueling wait between sets, lead singer and guitarist Lindsey Jordan, sporting her signature red lipstick and a giant grin, took to the stage. After a groovy opening interlude, the band transitioned into “Heat Wave.” The audience belted along, as Jordan, and the rest of Snail Mail played tunes off their album Lush. Between songs, Jordan took time to introduce new bandmate Maddie and thank her team. After playing a new song, the band introduced two members of Chicago band Neptune’s Core. After seeing a cover the band did of “Pristine”, Jordan welcomed them on stage to sing the song. The stylish young girls confidently performed, leaving the crowd chanting their name.

As the show began to wind down, the band left Jordan on the stage to sing “Anytime” by herself. After thanking the crowd and disclaiming that there wouldn’t be an encore, Jordan compromised with the crowd, giving them a performance of “Stick”. She joked that it was only thanks to muscle memory that she remembered how to play the older song. The mellow tune over an encore wrapped up the eventful night well, Jordan kissing her pick and throwing it into the audience as she walked off stage.