WSUM Birthday Weekend 2019

Welcome to our 17th Birthday Weekend!
Read the full schedule and cast your vote for the Battle of the Bands.

FRIDAY Feb 22: Battle of the Bands @ WSUM 91.7 FM
The top three finalists will air 3-5 PM for Live@WSUM! Voting has now begun!!

Make sure to tune in as well at 2:00 PM for a special WSUM Birthday Hour, featuring our staff, stories, and some of the station’s favorite music from years past.

SATURDAY Feb 23: Tracks from the Tracks Vol. 5: Disco
Milwaukee Road Depot, 640 W. Washington Ave
Join the fun at the Train Car as our resident DJs spin the latest and greatest disco hits of the modern era.

SUNDAY Feb 24: Alumni Takeover @ WSUM 91.7 FM
Tune in 91.7 FM or on our stream celebrate our glorious WSUM alumni DJs and talk show hosts.

For Meat Jelly: Left Tackle

For Jake LaBine: When You’re Around

For Indigo Trip: North Avenue