Space Jesus Preview

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    Fri Feb 22 2019

Author: Francisco Lozano

I know you have heard of space and you have probably heard of Jesus, but have you ever heard of Space Jesus? If not, you are in for a unique experience! The New Jersey-native grew up with roots in Hip-Hop, which is evident in his tracks yet he adds his own flavor of trap and EDM to it as well. In fact, he prefers to mix genres that normally would not go together to make a “super weird and trippy sound.” As mentioned in an interview with Nicole Petriw. A clear example of this is evident in his remix to the Grateful Dead's song “Looks Like Rain.”

Space Jesus has performed at a number of illustrious festivals, some include: Tomorrowworld, Shambhala, Electric Forest, EDC,  and Mysteryland. In fact, at Mysteryland he was deemed as a “Top Emerging Artist.” Jasha Tull currently lives in Boulder, CO and has released four albums: Close Encounters, Dopplebangers, Quantum Crunk Theory, and Creativity Lost. Within each song he makes he has developed his own signature sound, which will be apparent when you experience one of his dynamic performances.

This Sunday on February 24th, Space Jesus will be bringing the eclectic vibrations at the Majestic Theatre! Buku, Toadface, and Huxley Anne will be opening for the Spaceman–see you there!