Young The Giant Review

Young the Giant Show Review

Author: Julia Zeimentz

Donning floral button downs and a relaxed energy, Young the Giant brought a phenomenal opening act, well-loved favorites, and fresh tracks to The Sylvee on their Mirror Master tour this past Saturday.


Opening the show with “Oblivion” from their newest album “Mirror Master” it was undeniable that the crowd was eating up every chord. Moving into some older favorites like “Apartment” (from “Young The Giant”), “Something to Believe In”, and “Titus Was Born” (both from “Home of the Strange”), the band masterfully dispersed music from each album in a way that kept the energy in the crowd from dipping.


Midway through the show, the band surprised fans with a cover of Radiohead’s “No Surprises” and rode the excitement into the second half of the set playing “Amerika”, “Nothing’s Over”, “Cough Syrup”, and “Mind Over Matter”. Young the Giant closed the set with “Call Me Back” off “Mirror Master”.


Much to the delight of the crowd, Young the Giant didn’t need much convincing to run back onstage for an encore. Playing two more songs off of “Mirror Master” (“Superposition” and “Tightrope”), lead singer Sameer Gadhia threw on his famous sequined jacket (worn at almost all live shows). The band closed the show with their biggest hit “My Body” from their first self-titled album. With a crowd full of veteran and rookie Young the Giant fans and a band that did not disappoint, this performance was well worth a Saturday night.


Full Setlist:

  1. Oblivion

  2. Something to Believe In

  3. Heat of the Summer

  4. Apartment

  5. Titus Was Born

  6. Brother’s Keeper

  7. No Surprises (Radiohead cover)

  8. Firelight

  9. Amerika

  10. Cough Syrup

  11. Mind Over Matter

  12. Nothing’s Over

  13. Call Me Back


  1. Superposition

  2. Tightrope

  3. Silvertongue

  4. My Body