Cheatham Responds to Violence Against Student

Author: Jennifer Hwang

Jen Cheatham, Superintendent of the Madison Metropolitan School District, has been dealing with reports of racism with an open letter.

The story involves a Caucasian White Horse Middle School teacher who pushed an 11-year-old African American student and pulled out her braids. The teacher has been put on leave. Last year three teachers from the Madison Metropolitan School District used racial slurs to address their African American students and thus were dismissed from their classrooms.

In the open letter, Cheatham states that the district must analyze the White Horse incident and take action to ensure that such racial issues do not arise again. As of now, the superintendent has announced a new system that will allow students, families and staff to report racist incidents or outright discrimination, which will be in-action in the spring.

Staff will go through a professional development series regarding racial bias and racial inequity. With this, the school will better their decision making process by considering race. Cheatham also argues that the district to hold meetings to serve the best interest of the students and families of their school.