Bas Review

Bas Review

Author: Nathan Haimowitz

Bas has now concluded the North American portion of his Milky Way Tour. Before he sets off to tour across the globe, his show at the Majestic Theatre last month deserves revisiting as one of the tour’s definitive high points. Audience voices were lost while the Majestic dancefloor was tested by thunderous bass and the flow of all four artists who took the stage that evening. Bas tweeted the morning after the show that Madison “was crazy last night.” The raucous three hour set had the capital buzzing.

Correy C came on first for a short, twenty minute set. A quick note about braving the cold to be here was followed by his energetic set. The rapper dutifully set the tone for the rest of the night, asking the audience repeatedly if they were ready for Bas, to a response of resounding cheers. Correy C was able to make it through much of his 2018 album, Digital Scale, and as his performance came to a close he made clear how much he owed to Bas as an inspirational figure in his own life.

Innanet James, in his first show in Wisconsin, navigated the stage as a pro. Though he began his set armed with a winter coat and the slower songs in his discography, as the set progressed the coat was shed and the beat dropped, though he didn’t lose his quintessential beanie. Innanet rapped quickly and precisely, playing hits from his albums Quebec Place and Keep It Clean. In a testament to the artist’s sudden rise through industry following the success of the latter album in 2018, it was clear there was a large following there just for him. One audience member handed him a pre-written love note in the middle of his set and in return Innanet even handed her the microphone during a song later on in the set for a verse.

Rexx Life Raj burst onto the stage with two accompanying DJs for his set. His set was the longest yet at that point and the Californian gave one of the more laid back performances of the night. He played a collection of hits from each of his last four albums, which have been one year after another but especially focused on California Poppy, his 2018 work. The crowd was treated to one of the first live performances of his song “Never Change” as well, with the song having been dropped just a day before the show. Before leaving the stage, Rexx Life led a chant “When I say ‘Bas’ you say ‘Yee’” and audience participation had the rapper bouncing before making way for the headliner of the evening.

Two hours of build up, spoken accolades all night, a hit album with anthems so popular they’ve received video game inclusion, and Bas still delivered an awe inspiring, venue-rocking performance. Showing his gratitude to J Cole’s Dreamville Record Label and his opening acts for following him on the journey that is his meteoric rise, the audience was treated to stories of Bas’ navigation of celebrity status as well as a performance of nearly all of his 2018 Milky Way. One such story included the New York native’s first experience living in a mansion and recording Too High To Riot. The artist was ever magnificent in his showmanship, starting the set with solo performances of “Icarus” and “Purge” before bringing back Correy C, a long time friend of his, for “Pinball II” and “Fragrance.” As the night wound down Bas played crowd

pleasers like “Tribe” and “Boca Raton,” even letting an audience member on stage before his epic finale to fill on of J Cole’s verses.

More than managing the blustery weather conditions, the Milky Way Tour tackled Madison with exuberance. Pledges to return soon to Wisconsin by all four acts will eagerly be awaited for fulfillment by Madison concertgoers.