LANY Preview

Author: Ashley Evers

LANY, comprised of Paul Jason Klein, Jake Goss and Les Priest work harmoniously to create some of the most iconic teenage love anthems of our generation. The now globally renowned trio have created a name for themselves through their unique sound and refreshingly honest lyrics. The three man alt-pop band will bring their synth-pop jams and layered vocals to Madison on Friday May 3rd.

The band was on a mission and reintroduced themselves in 2018 when they hoped to make the best album they possibly could for their passionate fans. Their rising fame has only added to their ambitious attitudes as musicians and allowed the group to form a collective authenticity with each other in the studio and on the road. Heartthrob frontman, Paul Klein, always wears his heart on his sleeve and is sure to create an atmosphere where showgoers can cry, dance, and feel all at once. As a multi-instrumentalist, Klein also showcases his softer side by playing piano during the groups slower tracks. A special transparency evolves when his vocals are paired with the fragility of light piano chords.

The love and support these three provide for each other is unprecedented, which makes their cohesion on stage even more special. Catchy choruses and contagious energy will surely wow their audiences and get everyone singing along. Their frequently Instagrammed 1975-esque visuals are sure to be a crowd pleaser accompanied by their spacey keys and heavenly aesthetics.

LANY will showcase their latest release Malibu Nights for their dedicated Midwest fanbase at their Sylvee debut on Friday night. The sophomore album features themes of loneliness in paradise and overall feels intimate and real. These songs are truly timeless and translate well into just about anyone’s personal experiences.

The show starts at 8pm starting with a performance from rising female-pop star, FLETCHER. LANY will take the stage shortly after and will bring their native LA sounds of teenage heartbreak to Wisconsin