Superorganism Preview

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    Mon Apr 29 2019

Author: David Heinrich

Indie pop group Superorganism are rolling up to the Majestic Theatre here in Madison this Wednesday, May 1st. Fans of indie pop, feel-good music, or bands with tons of personality will all love this up-and-coming group of eight musicians and friends.

Superorganism is a band born from the Internet age. Members of the group met through both mutual friends and online forums, hailing from the US, UK, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. Lead singer Onoro Noguchi met four other members when they were touring with another band in Japan, bonding over their shared interest in pop culture and internet memes. Seven of the eight members of the group then moved to a flat in London in 2017, setting up a home base for recording as a group. The group released their first single, “Something for your M.I.N.D.”, and immediately started gathering buzz online. They broke out soon, playing major festivals and embarking on two US tours over the past two years.

I had the pleasure of seeing Superorganism last year at Lollapalooza, where they kicked off the last day of the festival. Even though they played early at noon on Sunday, they still turned out a big crowd and put on a show worthy of a much better timeslot. The group has such a fun and quirky stage presence that makes their shows nonstop fun. Three of the groups backup singers have really fun choreography and Onoro has some of the funniest stage banter I've heard at any show. Combine that with the group's upbeat, electronic sounds and sing-along choruses, and the With more touring experience under their belt by now, expect Superorganism to play a killer show when they return to Madison this week.