Lucius Preview

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    Thu May 02 2019

Author: Ariel Wood


Paring it down to the essentials: guitar, drums, and two voices, harmonized and completely in unison. The lead vocalists of Lucius, Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig sing into a single microphone that releases their soulful and compounding voices out into the crowd. Band mates Dan Molad, drummer and producer, and lead guitarist Peter Lalish provide a richness of tone and rhythm to match the vocals powerhouses on stage.

There is an intimacy and vulnerability in their current barebones approach that is rare and a true treasure. As Holly and Jess look into eachothers eyes to maintain that unity and harmony, the energy stemming from the utter joy of creating music is palpable. There isn't a plea for sentimentality or pandering to vocal runs for the sake of a quick clip, these are artists who are so passionate about what they do, they would be doing it with or without an audience. The delight is in knowing that what they have created is something we get to experience and relish in.

Next Wednesday night, you can join in the pleasure of seeing Lucius live at the Barrymore theatre. With special guest and American indie pop duo, Pure Bathing Culture, Wednesday's show is bound to be a knockout, right down the line.