Interview: Detroit DJ Stacey Pullen

Since the mid 80s, DJ and producer Stacey Pullen has been one of the foremost artists out of Detroit, the home of Techno in America. He has released many singles, and two studio albums during his 30-plus year career on the road. On July 14th, he headlined the Fete Du Marquette festival’s “Musique Electronique” mini festival. Our music director, Ben Farrell, had a chance to chat with him between his first set, which took place in Mcpike park, and his second set at the High Noon Saloom. 

From housesitting for Techno Legends to renting his own PA system, Stacey took Ben through his early days as an up and comer on the Detroit scene, his early trips to Europe, the release of his last studio album, and much more. Find the audio below!