Lollapalooza Preview

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    Sat Aug 03 2019

Author: Hannah Goldberg

Hannah and Ben are going to Lollapalooza this weekend! Check out some of the acts that they are looking forward to.

Childish Gambino

Donald Glover, or Childish Gambino, is a household name and a man of many talents that needs no introduction. Here's one anyways… Aside from his most recent appearance in Lion King, Glover has made a strong-hold in the music industry as an accomplished rapper, as well as a writer, actor, comedian and director. To me that is the most impressive part about Glover– his ability to take on different personas in his multiple facets of work. One minute he's Simba from the Lion King and the next he is Childish Gambino throwing down profound rap lyrics. He bears the name Childish Gambino which he created using the Wu-Tang Clan name generator. 

Glover's rap career began in 2008 when he began self-releasing mixtapes. He expanded his range when he released his debut album “Camp” in 2011 as a newly signed artist to Glassnote Records. His second debut album “Because the Internet” (2013) garnered a lot of success on debut charts and even a Grammy nomination. My personal favorite, “IV. Sweatpants” shows his energetic rapping style and transitions seamlessly into another favorite, “3005.” His success does not stop there as he continues to grow as a pop culture king and develop his voice as a rapper. Most notably, his most recent album, “Awaken My Love!” (2016), explores his more soulful side and showcases more of his singing ability. Glover's most recent single “This is America” took home a slew of awards and recognition for addressing issues of gun violence and racial injustice. He is a remarkable storyteller that captivates me in many of his mediums for his bold and authentic language. As a multi-Grammy winner and an outstanding artist, I'm excited to see what he brings to the stage as a headliner facing off with Tame Impala at the same set time.

Tierra Whack

23-year-old Tierra Whack had already made a name for herself back in her hometown of Philadelphia as a freestyle rapper known as Dizzle Dizz. She moved to Atlanta, to finish high school and grinded under the sun at a local car wash, where she raked in tips to buy a new laptop and start recording. When she returned to Philly, she was ready to make music under her real name. She released four singles in 2017 including “Mumbo Jumbo,” which got her a 2019 Grammy Nomination for Best Music Video. 

Her debut album “Whack World” was an audiovisual masterpiece comprised of 15 one-minute songs, each with a unique story and mood. Throughout the album she utilizes an impressive range of heavily produced vocals with her singing and rapping while her visuals reveal her spunky, dark humor. Tierra Whack's talent and individual style are truly mesmerizing to listen to and to watch. Her bold and fearless approach to expression makes it hard not to adore her. Her lyrics showcase the confidence that helped her overcome cynics. True to form, she closes her album with the lines “They cannot take away what I worked for / I know that I am worth more.”

RL Grime

Henry Alfred Steinway, better known as RL Grime as a nod to the author R.L. Stine, has been dropping top-notch trap and bass music since his remixes of Kanye West and Chief Keef songs (“Mercy” and “Love Sosa”, respectively) went viral six years ago . He has an annual tradition of releasing spooky Halloween mixes that are worth adding to your October playlists. With his first studio album, “VOID” (2014), RL Grime found his way to the top of electronic charts. For his second album, “NOVA” (2018), RL Grime did not hold back on his relentless beats and notable features such as Big Sean, Skrillex, Miguel, Ty Dolla $ign and many more. RL Grime will be performing on the light-show-equipped Perry's Stage, which hosts most of the electronic acts. I'm super pumped to see this show with so many other fans.


You might recognize Yaeji by her most popular song “Raingurl” or her adorning cover of “Passionfruit” by Drake off of her latest album, “EP2”. Yaeji was born in Queens but spent most of her schooling in South Korea. Upon returning to New York, Yaeji attended Carnegie Mellon University and joined her college's radio where she found her passion for DJing and mixing. She currently produces her unique mix of house and rap out of Brooklyn. Yaeji sweeps you into her music with her cool and perfectly blended tones. She even switches between Korean and English in her songs, creating an unparalleled tone that stands out from much of the music you typically hear within this genre. Each of her songs has an introspective touch of the deeply human emotional barriers that she has faced as well as her experiences growing up as a member of both Korean and American cultures. Yaiji says her love for producing and performing is about enjoying every moment, and I hope to share that experience at her set on Saturday.