Phantogram and Bob Moses at the Sylvee

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    Wed Sep 04 2019

Author: Izzy Marshall

Last Tuesday, August 26th, saw Phantogram, along with supporting act Bob Moses, make their Sylvee debut, and they did not disappoint.

After a rousing performance on the part of Bob Moses, who made use of many more actual instruments than I had expected of the electronic band, and who, in an almost jam band style, blurred their first few songs together before finally introducing themselves, Phantogram took the stage.

Initially partially obscured by a semi-translucent curtain, the duo, composed of Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter, immediately jumped into some new material with (as yet unreleased) “News Today”. Eventually emerging from behind the curtain, they played “Don't Move”, a hit off of their 2011 EP entitled “Nightlife”—which also happens to be the song that originally got me into the band back in high school—followed by popular newer releases such as “You Don't Get Me High Anymore”, off of 2016's “Three”, “Into Happiness”, which came out this past May, and, finally, their latest single, “Mister Impossible”. They saved arguably their biggest hit to date, “When I'm Small”, also known as the song featured in pretty much every commercial ever, for their encore.

All in all, their set, combined with the ethereal atmosphere facilitated by the dreamy blue and pink light show in the background, fog machine, and, of course, the curtain they sometimes hid behind, made for a memorable performance. I, for one, cannot wait for a new album, and for them to return.