STRFKR Preview

Author: Joey Marz

STRFKR is an indie rock band from Portland, Oregon. The band’s release schedule has been notably eccentric in the past few years. Their fifth full-length album, Being No One Going Nowhere, released in 2016, was followed by 3 volumes of miscellaneous unreleased music (64-tracks in total) in 2017. This was then followed by 2 years of quiet, until a surprise single, “Fantasy,” dropped on 9/6.

Comparable to the work of LCD Soundsystem, STRFKR makes introspective dance music. However, it’s hard to imagine a song featuring audio clips of the pontifications of philosopher Alan Watts (sampled in multiple STRFKR tracks) being played at a nightclub. And while LCD Soundsystem’s music is often very self-aware, STRFKR’s lyrics at times suggest that the group is oblivious to their role as a pop band. STRFKR also exudes a quaint silliness which I think could best be described as “The Unicorns…in Space!”

Though I’ve never been to a live STRFKR show at the time of writing, I have heard from friends that the experience is very much a theatrical affair not unlike an Of Montreal performance (which, admittedly, I have also never seen). STRFKR will be at The Majestic on Sunday, September 15th, with support from Das Kope.