The Band Camino Preview

The Band Camino and their first full album, Tryhard, is on the road and headed to Majestic Theatre in Madison on Thursday, September 24. 

Tryhard debuted this year, and the music is fresh and gives that ‘young again’ vibe. Members Jeffery Jordan, Graham Rowell, Spencer Steward, and Garrison Burgess have a phenomenal sound to offer their audience. Their music emphasizes love and loss, heartache, and longing… but they also give a beat to perseverance and personal growth. 

This Nashville-based band puts itself in a rock pop genre. But, I’m hearing some electric indie and sometimes a little bit of pop country style. Browse their EP’s and singles which started coming out in 2016 to hear what speaks to you; some of them got over 70 million streams in the U.S. My personal favorite is “The Black and White” from their EP, My Thoughts on You. 

In a Facebook video, they admit that they’ve struggled in past performances. Now they are on the rise with a larger following than ever. The bandmates have worked out the kinks that come with new stardom, and “feel like a true band.” Comments from followers say that their show is a must see and that their music is spectacular on stage. 

If you’re in the Midwest, but can’t make it to Madison, they’ll play in Columbus, Indianapolis, and Chicago before heading up to Wisconsin. After the show at Majestic, 

they’ll perform in Minneapolis, Des Moines, and Omaha. You can find more tour information at 

Majestic’s doors open at 7:00pm and the stage will come to life at 8:00pm with an opening from Valley.