Monthly Archives: September 2019

Judah and the Lion Preview

Author: Maddy Lesniak  Judah and the Lion, an alternative band from Tennesse, is back in Wisconsin promoting their newest album, Pep Talks. These past three years have been nothing short of a rollercoaster for this three-man band. From reaching Billboard’s … Read More >

The Band Camino Preview

The Band Camino and their first full album, Tryhard, is on the road and headed to Majestic Theatre in Madison on Thursday, September 24.  Tryhard debuted this year, and the music is fresh and gives that ‘young again’ vibe. Members … Read More >

STRFKR Preview

Author: Joey Marz STRFKR is an indie rock band from Portland, Oregon. The band’s release schedule has been notably eccentric in the past few years. Their fifth full-length album, Being No One Going Nowhere, released in 2016, was followed by … Read More >

Riot Fest Preview

Authors: Jackie Olsen and Tyler Dallman The fest is one of the premier punk festivals in the world, every year happening in Chicago, Illinois. It’s not only host to punk though; there’s a large emphasis every year for related genres, … Read More >