WSUM's Records of the Week: 10/26

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    Sat Oct 26 2019

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Once again, the WSUM staff returns with its weekly list of great albums fresh, hot, and oh so crispy off the presses. Make sure you check out the Spotify playlist attached below, which includes our favorite tracks off these albums, and stay tapped into WSUM's music blog for weekly installments to our Records of the Week series. Read on, and stay tapped in.

Black Marble, Bigger Than Life


GENRE: Synth Pop

RIYL: The Soft Moon, John Maus, New Order

Brooklyn synth pop group Black Marble have released their third studio album, Bigger Than Life. On this project, the group presents a retro, analog synth sound. While some of the tunes on this release are danceable and groovy, the sonic texture of the album is not entirely unique or interesting. Arpeggiated synth chords and dreamy vocals fill in almost every track, but without any of the deep grooves and layered, powerful pads that mzake contemporary synth pop so immersive, leaving the album feeling cinchy and flat. Those who have a sweet tooth for vintage synth sounds may find some enjoyment in this project, but those looking for innovation and identity need not investigate.  – Ayden Schultz

Dry Cleaning,Boundary Road Snacks and Drinks

HIGHLIGHT TRACKS: ”Sit Down Meal,” “Viking Hair,” “Jam After School”

GENRE: Post-Punk, Art Punk

RIYL: The Fall, The Raincoats, Wire

Coming a little over a year after the groups debut EP, Sweet Princess, Dry Cleaning's sophomore EP, Boundary Road Snacks and Drinks, sees the band both refining their sound and treading unexplored waters. For one, vocalist, Florence Shaw, still provides her unique spoken word inspired delivery over many of the tracks. However, on tracks such as “Sit Down Meal” Shaw introduces vocal elements more akin to singing in order to compliment angular guitar lines and tight rhythmic grooves coming in the form of driving forceful baselines and steady hypnotic drumming. The EP also provides everything a fan of modern or classic post-punk could ask for, with tracks such as “Viking Hair” showcasing a sparse and tense atmosphere not unfamiliar to staples of the genre like The Fall or Wire. Other tracks such as “Jam After School” display the same indie rock inspired sensibilities apparent in newer bands of the genre such as Squid or Shame, but not without the playfulness of a time tested group like The Raincoats. Overall, if you're looking for a unique entry into the book of contemporary post-punk, Boundary Road Snacks and Drinks, should be a very substantive and satisfying listen.] – Matt Jarosinski

Porches, Rangerover

Highlight Tracks: “Rangerover”

Genre: Synthpop

RIYL: (Sandy) Alex G, Hovvdy, LVL UP

Porches is a band that is unwilling to conform to just one genre, making for an eclectic mix of styles within their own music. Yet for this reason their new single, Rangerover, falls a bit short, seemingly lost in translation between genres. In attempting to be not specifically one “type” of music, the song was instead one-note, containing a combination of a very simple harmonies, simple lyrics, and an even simpler beat. The song is without a doubt atmospheric, with a hazy and lazy vibe, but it simply lacks the same level of intrigue and diversity that Porches has offered in their past music. – Tatiana Jordan

Little Scream, Making Hay

HIGHLIGHT TRACKS: “Disco Ball,” “One Lost Time”

GENRE: Indie rock

RIYL: Parquet Courts, Personal Trainer, Interpol 

Northwest London band Little Scream gives their listeners an energetic punch of indie rock with 90s English fringe on their latest 5-track EP, Making Hay. Staying true to their full-throttle live shows' spirited performances and antics, this EP encapsulates the Cambridge rockers' rambunctious and addictive energy with lyrics depicting everyday English life. For fans craving guitar-driven old school rock in the contemporary landscape, this EP will be pleasantly received, as they can wallow in its lively charisma. Sophia Abrams

Corriror, Junior

HIGHLIGHT TRACKS:  “Junior,” “Goldie,” “Microscopie”.

GENRE: Pop/Indie

RIYL: Aquaserge, Swahili Blonde, Preoccupations

Montreal group, Corridor, released Junior on  October 18th. This 39 minute album is driven with guitar and calming vocal harmonies.Corridor essentially threw this album together all the way down to the album art, but that is the beauty of it. It matches the band's serious yet whimsy personality. Junior is a great album for anyone looking to expand their music taste to encapsulate different language as it is all in French. – Jessica Hall