Menzingers Preview

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    by Music director
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    Mon Oct 28 2019

Touring in support of their latest album Hello Exile, The Menzingers are coming to Madison's Majestic Theatre on October 30th.The Menzingers are a folk-punk band from Scranton, Pennsylvania. Hello Exile is a deep dive into the emotions of the band, covering topics like life, love and even politics. The show is sure to bring just as intense of an experience to the Majestic Theatre. Rock band Tigers Jaw and punk band Culture Abuse are opening for The Menzingers on this tour, bringing a similar feel to the show, and bringing in emo and rock fans as well.

The band has had the same four members for their entire career: Greg, Tom, Eric and Joe. This has allowed the band to grow while still remaining true to exactly what they began as. The band are one of the stand-out artists in the punk scene of the 2010s, creating some of the decade's best punk albums, like 2012's On the Impossible Past and 2017's After The Party. Their combinations of anti-flag and Springsteen-inspired sounds have defined what being a millennial punk is like. Anyone who doesn't know why young people are so stressed should give a listen to songs like “Telling Lies” and “Good Times”. Releasing songs like “America (You're Freaking Me Out,)” the Menzingers have managed to capture exactly what it is like to wonder how the world has turned out like it has and why this is so perplexing for the young people looking towards the future. Anyone looking for a chance to sing along about the most frustrating parts of life should make it down to the Majestic on the 30th.