Monthly Archives: October 2019

SIC Introduces Itself With Bascom Hill Protest

Protestors gather at Bascom Hall. Photo: Sam Buisman Author: Sam Buisman The newly-formed Student Inclusion Coalition, or SIC, organized a protest on Bascom Hill this Friday to demand inclusive policies for marginalized students.  Roughly two hundred protestors crowded the walkways … Read More >

Austrian Serial Killer Ivan Milat Dies Without Confession

Ivan Milat, circa 1970. Photo: Marco Uiller, licensed under creative commons. Author: Cailyn Schiltz Ivan Milat, Australia’s most notorious serial killer, died this Sunday in Long Bay Jail’s Hospital at the age of 74. He was given seven life sentences … Read More >

UW-Madison student achieves life-long dream

Author: Alyssa Hui Learn more about Samad Qawi’s journey with basketball and how he achieved one of his life long dreams of joining the UW Badgers Basketball team. Reporter for WSUM News: Alyssa Hui.

Badger Profiles: Episode 2 with Chris Orr

Be sure to check out our new series called Badger profiles where we conduct short-form interviews with Wisconsin athletes. Our second episode is now up on our YouTube channel and the link is included below!