Big Wild Preview

Authors: Hannah Goldberg and Simone Levin

Big Wild, or producer known as Jackson Stell, is coming to to the Sylvee tomorrow, November 14th, as a part of his Superdream Tour featuring Evan Giia and Ark Patrol. Stell gets his influence from California’s natural glory after a life-altering trip to Big Sur. He describes his music as “lush soundscapes and sweeping melodies that challenge the status quo of electronic music” ( 

This is not to be confused with headbanging EDM music. By description it is electronic dance music, but Big Wild is able to fuse relaxation and dance into one. Jackson Stell meshes the genres of electronic, indie, pop and more into a beautiful melody that makes it feel as if you are standing on a hill on a warm sunny day with the fresh wind from the coast brushing through your hair. *Think of a remix of Color of the Wind as you are standing on top of a mountain* 

When people think of remix they naturally think of faster club music. Big Wild introduces his new album Superdream: Analog Sessions where he recreates original songs from his older album, Superdream, into a more intimate and vocal sound for his listeners. 

During the show, you can see Jackson switching between multiple instruments such as drum pads, synths, keyboards, and live vocals. He delivers a unique and energetic performance at each show, making the attendees dance out of their seat one moment and in joyful tears the next. 

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