Jack Harlow Preview

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    Tue Nov 19 2019

Author: Shelby Len

Jack Harlow will be making a stop at the Majestic Madison on his tour The Mission this Friday November 22. At only 21 years old, it's pretty impressive that Harlow has already had 3 full length releases, his most recent being September's Confetti. If you're a fan of Felly, Mac Miller or Kota the Friend, I'd highly recommend going through Harlow's already sizeable discography; it's full of sometimes lofi, sometimes trap-influenced and danceable beats, and always razor sharp verses. 

If you search Jack Harlow on Spotify, the only description you're given of him in his artist profile is “Jack Harlow is a rapper from Louisville, Kentucky”. However sparse, I think this frank description actually does an excellent job at describing Harlow himself. He's fiercely proud of his hometown, even if he's now headquartered in Atlanta. His sense of honesty also comes through lyrically in Confetti, especially on tracks like “River Road” and “Ghost”, where he discusses “Women […] my vices and just the way it feels to be 21 years old.” He's the kind of rapper that stays humble and true to his roots, while also being self-aware of having been catapulted into stardom. This will be Harlow's first time performing in Madison, I'm interested to see whether he'll come back or if after his next release he'll start just performing  stadium shows as one of rap's newest heavyweights. 

The show this Friday is all ages, doors open at 8:00 and the show begins at 9:00.