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    Wed Nov 20 2019

Author: Sebastian Khattabi

The dynamic Atalanta rap duo EARTHGANG will be performing at the Majestic on Tuesday, November 26th, 2019 as part of their Welcome to Mirrorland tour. The duo consists of two incredible artists: Olu (aka Johnyy Venus) and WowGr8 (aka Doctur Dot). Tickets can be found here.

In September of this year, EARTHGANG was trending on twitter because @YesJulz tweeted “Earthgang is like the Outkast of this generation only with two Andre's. And I'm here for it.” Besides the blatant disrespect towards Big Boi and his tremendous contribution to Outkast, the tweet brings up a solid point: Are EARTHGANG and Outkast comparable? 

I think a big part of this debate also comes to how they present themselves. The two duos both dress eccentrically. They have unique long hairstyles (whether it be Doctur Dot's dreads or Andre 3000's straight bob). However, when it comes to usicality, flow, rhymes, beats…I really do not think they are comparable. Instead, I believe that EARTHGANG is redefining Atlanta hip hop and turning it on side its head as to what hip hop can and cannot be. Olu's high pitched voice is just unmatched and he brings this magnetic energy to every track is on. WowGr8 is always changing up his flow and his rhymes and wordplay are deep and nuanced.

With the release of EARTHGANG's newest album Mirrorland, the duo produces 14 unique tracks that include features like Arin Ray, T-Pain, Young Thug, and so much more. My personal favorites are UP, Tequila, and Stuck. Each song has a different flow with beats that are really mature and bumping. 

We cannot talk about EARTHGANG's most recent accomplishments without talking about Revenge of Dreamville. That album is an absolute masterpiece and EARTHGANG's contribution is insurmountable. Whether it be screaming Wells Fargo or tongue tying bars in Sacrifice, EARTHGANG made its mark in the album. 

I really do not know what to expect in EARTHGANG's show tomorrow and although I have high expectations, I am positive they will blow it out of the water and prove Atlanta proud.