Slow Pulp Preview

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    Tue Dec 03 2019

Madison born indie rock band Slow Pulp is coming back to perform another homecoming show. After playing with (Sandy) Alex G, during a tour that ended in early November, Slow Pulp will be playing a few more shows in December before gearing up for SXSW in March 2020. For this show, Slow Pulp will be playing with their fellow Madison locals Disq before heading to Chicago to play with Whitney. Slow Pulp has been steadily gathering fame in the indie world since they dropped their EP Big Day back in May, making this show a must see for Madison concert goers this fall.

According to an interview with Stereogum, Slow Pulp members Teddy Mathews, Alex Leeds, and Henry Stoehr have known each other since their youth and began writing music together at as early as twelve years old. Eventually, Emily Massey joined them as their lead singer, creating the band that fans know and love today. Slow Pulp relocated to Chicago and have been cranking out mesmerizing, shoe gaze influenced tracks ever since. 

Slow Pulp had early successes in 2017 with Ep2, which showcased a number of tracks that have become staples for their fan base. Songs like Preoccupied feature a more traditional indie sound, with spacey keyboards and chorus heavy guitar riffs. However, tracks like Houseboat are far more dynamic, starting off as a slow jam, with Massey utilizing monotonous vocals, and then eventually spiraling into a more punk styled, speedy bridge. Slow Pulp's new EP is certainly reminiscent of their old sounds, giving listeners more of the entrancing music they have come to love. 

Slow Pulp takes the stage at the High Noon Saloon this Friday, December 5th. This band truly exemplifies what the Madison music scene is all about and those wishing to support local artists wont want to miss this show.