Louis the Child Preview

Louis The Child, the Chicago-based DJ duo are currently on their “Here for Now Tour” and they are performing right here in Madison on 5th December at The Sylvee! If you have any interest in EDM, you would not want to miss this. Or if you’re into rap music, Duckwrth is opening for Louis The Child so there’s something for everyone. 

Louis The Child have performed at Lollapalooza, Red Rocks, and had their first tour in 2015, just two years after the duo was formed! They have opened for artists like Madeon and The Chainsmokers, and their music has been featured in FIFA 2016 and in commercials for Nissan and Apple. If that is not impressive enough, they have close to 5 million monthly listeners on Spotify! 

Every song by Louis The Child hits different. And yes, every single one of their songs hits. Their breakout single “It’s Strange” still sounds fresh, and it was featured in FIFA 2016, the game. They have experimented with several genres, and that too successfully. If you listen to “Save Me from Myself”, a chill song with good vibes, and then listen to “Shake Something”, a dirty, bass-heavy banger, you wouldn’t believe that the same artist produced them. But I assure you would appreciate both the same. The best part about their songs is that every drop is different, and better than the previous. So, you MUST listen to the whole song, and trust me it won’t be boring. 

Opening for Louis The Child is an LA based rapper, Duckwrth. You might think that he is just like any other rapper based out of LA, but trust me is very different and in my opinion better than them. Unlike the majority of hip-hop songs with those 808s and autotuned lyrics (sorry for throwing so much shade on rappers I’m not a big hip-hop/rap fan), his music is innovative and makes use of a combination of different instruments and sounds. It just sounds fresh and makes you want to listen more of it. 

If you don’t have any plans for Thursday night, this is the perfect opportunity for you to experience these two amazing artists and have a taste of a different kind of music. Doors open at 6:30, and if you are going don’t miss the opening performance by Duckwrth. Also, look for the guy with the hand fan, he is almost always there at The Sylvee and the fresh flow of air feels really refreshing when the place gets crowded.