Lucas Oil Stadium Review: The good, the bad, the bathrooms

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    by Sports director
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    Sat Dec 07 2019

Author: Wade Flavion

INDIANAPOLIS– As most Badger fans know this weekend is the Big 10 Championship game, and Wisconsin will meet the undefeated, number one Ohio State Buckeyes. However, the game is not the topic in this article, but instead the focus is on where the game is being played. Lucas Oil Stadium is the stadium of the Indianapolis Colts and has been in constant operation since 2008. This stadium is relatively new compared to Camp Randall, the stadium we know and love, but it still has a special feel. Around the stadium, there are plenty of places to park as well as places to go eat, including the world-famous steakhouse St. Elmo's. Indianapolis has a thriving downtown district; Lucas Oil Stadium is right in the middle of it.

The inside of the stadium itself feels relatively small compared to the typical bowl style outdoor stadiums, but from my viewpoints nearly every seat in the house is excellent. It is hard to explain, but the organization of the seats seems to bring everyone close to the field, and not in the “nosebleeds.” The stadium features fairly new individual seating and a great selection of concessions. The concessions are pricey, but you are going to a large stadium so what do you expect. The staff that greeted us was friendly, and helpful in leading us where to go. They were a great help, and I'd expect the warm midwestern hospitality at any game you go to. 

My biggest gripe in this stadium is the bathrooms and their cleanliness. The bathrooms themselves are not bad, but even the media bathrooms that I used were dirty and lacked simple things like toilet paper and paper towels. Maybe I caught them on a bad day, but I'd hate to see what they would look like on a busy game day. 

Overall, Lucas Oil Stadium seems like a great place to watch a game, and possibly go out on the town afterward. I really enjoyed my time at Lucas Oil. If you do go, maybe just use the bathrooms beforehand.