Wisconsin Football 2020 Position Group Preview: Offensive Line

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    by Sports director
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    Fri Jan 10 2020

Author: Wade Flavion

MADISON- The offensive line this season was nothing short of outstanding for Wisconsin and gave a glimpse of what could have been for UW in the 2018's nightmare campaign. 

The unit played well with a mix of upper and lower classmen that rotated at 3 of the 5 spots. Redshirt-junior Cole Van Lanen and senior Tyler Biadasz anchored the unit at Left Tackle and Center, while redshirt-senior David Moorman, redshirt-sophomore Josh Seltzner, redshirt-senior Jason Erdmann, redshirt-sophomore Logan Bruss, and redshirt-sophomore Tyler Beach split snaps at the other positions. Next year, the line will be losing Biadasz, Erdmann, and Moorman but because of this rotation, there will not be a shortage of experienced guys to fill in their shoes. 

Since Biadasz and Erdmann will both be leaving UW, there is one gaping hole on the offensive line at center. I, as well as others, believe that this spot will be filled by Tyler Beach, who has shown versatility this season playing at both guard and tackle. I don't think a move to center would be too much for the Swiss Army Knife that is Beach. There are other centers on the roster, but it would be tough for some of the younger guys to get playing time over someone who has played well in a multitude of starts this season. 

Josh Seltzner will most likely claim the left guard position going into next season, to continue the excellence that was seen this season in running to the left. Van Lanen was graded as one of the top run blockers in the nation last season by PFF and will look to continue his strong Wisconsin career. Seltzner will also be the only person on the roster next season to have experience at left guard, which would make him a shoo-in to start next to Van Lanen next season. The Colombus native's experience will help to create an impenetrable left side to the Badgers offensive line. 

Another question mark for the Badgers will be at the right guard position because of David Moorman's graduation. Logan Bruss could move inwards to take this guard position, while former five-star recruit and RS Freshman Logan Brown would be a fit nicely into the Wisconsin offense. Another way this right side could be configured is having RS Sophomore Kayden Lyles start in his natural position at guard, and have Logan Bruss stay at right tackle. This would make a lot of sense because there would be no one playing out of position, and more experienced players would see the field. The option with Brown would be interesting to see as well just because of Brown's pure talent and size, and if he adjusts well to the college game, Wisconsin could be looking at a very talented offensive line for next season. 

There seems to be a struggle of talent versus experience on the offensive line going into next season. No matter how it turns out this group will be good, it is just a matter of how good.

Below I am going to diagram some of the possible configurations for the line next season: