Too Many Zooz Preview

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    Sun Feb 02 2020

By: Sean Horvath

Too Many Zooz, the self-proclaimed “brass-house” trio are coming to the Majestic on February 6th! The group, comprised of Leo Pellegrino (baritone saxophone), Matt Muirhead (trumpet), and David Parks (percussion), are touring in support of their latest release, ZombiEP, and are guaranteed to put on a show! Fans of brass music, danceable house beats, and anything wild and zany will be sure to enjoy the show that the Zooz are bringing to Madison.

Pellegrino and Muirhead began playing together at the Manhattan School of Music in 2013, and soon added Parks (who Pellegrino met while busking) as the backbone of the group. The trio then took their street performance roots and began playing on the subways of New York. Their combination of raucous big band style horns with EDM rhythms (and not to mention Pellegrino's eclectic dance moves) made them and instant hit amongst local commuters. It wasn't long before a video of one of their energetic performance made its way onto YouTube and the band found themselves in the middle of viral stardom.

Since that day, Too Many Zooz have released six EP's and one full length album. The latest, ZombiEP, sees the group sticking true to what makes them great, while still adapting to modern techniques in production and orchestration. Oh yea, and zombies, lots of zombies. The EP follows the journey of a fictional band as they try to survive a zombie outbreak in the middle of one of their shows. The bands raucous tunes are punctuated by skits illustrating their night of boisterous brass and undead adventure. The songs on this EP are fleshed out with some modern rhythmic production and harmonies. All this however, doesn't take away from the rawness of the music. Leo, Matt, and David are still as in your face as they've ever been; their music dancing right at you through your headphone speakers.

A Too Many Zooz show is not a show you want to miss. Expect wild dancing, wild outfits, and even wilder songs. Somewhere between a high school jazz band and a rave, Zooz easily earned the right to be the sole members of the genre “brass-house”. Nothing better describes the perfect combination of old and new energy that this trio brings to the table. Unless Marshmello decides to start orchestrating for Squirrel Nut Zipper, I doubt many other acts will give off this kind of energy either. If you are looking for something different to get down to, then be sure to catch Too Many Zooz on February 6th at the Majestic. Doors open at 7:30.