Set It Off Preview

By Olivia Chavez

Photo: Edward Tumulty

Fresh off of a successful tour opening for Sleeping With Sirens, Set It Off is headed to Madison’s Majestic Theatre on February 11th for Part 5 of the Midnight World Tour with support from Capstan and Mobs. Carson underwent vocal surgery since the release of the band’s most recent album and following the USA and Canada tour, the band will be returning to the United Kingdom and Europe to play the dates that were rescheduled to accommodate Carson’s surgery.

Photo: Mac Praed

Set It Off is a pop-rock band from Tampa, Florida consisting of vocalist Cody Carson, Maxx Danziger, and Zach DeWall. Set It Off have established themselves as one of the most popular bands in the pop-punk and alternative scene today, and among those, one of the most unique. The band’s fourth studio album, Midnight, hit its one-year anniversary on February 1st. The album follows 2016’s Upside Down, 2014’s Duality and 2012’s Cinematics.

Midnight was released on Fearless Records and is a darker departure from their previous albums. There is a cinematic feel to the album in its dramatic and deep guitar tones, along with lead singer Cody Carson’s impressive vocals. The band experiments with interesting rhythms and electronic sounds to add to the overall feel of the album and add specific elements that match the theme of certain songs, such as the sound of chains and the short, spoken rhyme at the beginning of the song “Dancing with the Devil.” The band’s previous albums have been largely alternative pop and alternative rock-based, and Midnight has certainly developed their sound into a distinctly darker version of previous releases. The album is very much a journey through the aftermath of a relationship, and towards the end of the album, the tones become brighter and the songs include more sentimental vocals, and as a result, the album is able to communicate emotions of anger, sadness, and healing without skipping a beat. The album features several other artists: pop artist Wayfarers, Matt Appleton of Reel Big Fish and Skyler Acord of rock band Issues. The follow-up to Midnight, After Midnight (Part 2) has seen 2 singles released so far: “Catch Me If You Can” on December 13th and “So Predictable” on January 3rd. After Midnight is most likely an EP of B-Sides from Midnight, and the singles have been impressive so far.

Photo: Edward Tumulty

The set design and lighting of the Midnight World Tour have been carefully curated to mimic the atmosphere of their latest album, with dark blue hues and even the vocalist’s hair being dyed to match the album cover. Set It Off’s headlining show is sure to be a unique and energetic show so head to Majestic Theatre this coming Tuesday to find out what this incredible band is all about.