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    Mon Feb 10 2020

A (Anti-?) Valentine's Day Playlist

by Monique McCormack

With Valentine's Day approaching at an alarming rate, it's easy to get your hopes up just to have yet another, flowerless, chocolateless, lonely “love” day. For those of you in relationships, maybe now would be the perfect time to reevaluate if you really want to delude yourself any longer. This playlist is a not-so-gentle reminder that your unrequited love is hopeless and that it's time to hold out for a true gem — or become aromantic. 

watch by Billie Eilish

“Vibes” by Drako “El Principe” (Latin Rap)

Latin music has no shortage of songs emphasizing the difference between love and lust. The singer realizes that his girl is saying that she loves him and everything, but her motives are far more selfish. 

“She Don't Give a Fo” by Duki, KHEA (Latin Rap)

Argentine trappers lament the fact that the girl they want knows that they want to be with her but (paraphrasing here) she doesn't care. Which is something to remember — maybe it's time to be pursued, not the pursuer. 

“Not in Love” by ASTN (Alternative R&B)

This is somehow a diss track that also demonstrates that the singer still has feelings for this girl. Accompanied by a thumping bass, ASTN dejectedly comprehends the reality of his non-love. 

“Baby” by Logic (Acoustic Rap) 

Okay, I was as skeptical as you are. However, the lyrics in this song hit hard. Worlds away from his self-promoting “Ballin'” and “All I Do,” Logic has fallen helplessly for his true love who “only needs a friend.” However, he knows that he will never be able to be that, even for her. 

Sylo Songs by Sylo Nozra

“FOMO” by Sylo Nozra (R&B, Soul)

This smooth, easy listener could make even the most stoic, emotionless hermit nod along to the beat. Nozra candidly addresses the fact that no matter what he does, he will never be enough for this girl. 

“Lovesick” by HALP, Amelia Moore (Pop)

Here's one about deceiving yourself in an attempt to believe that you are wanted. Anyone who has had a crush knows the feeling of illogical attention to detail and interpreting even the most mundane actions as signals of mutual attraction. The key word there was “illogical,”

“Naive” by The Kooks (Indie/Alternative Rock)

This song unfolds with the realization that even the most innocuous-seeming individuals are capable of inflicting pain — and somehow it hurts more. It's almost as though their apparent nature reflects an even deeper betrayal than outright rejection. Keep an eye out: no one is exactly how they seem. 

idle by Jeremy Zucker

“Talk is Overrated” by Jeremy Zucker, blackbear (Pop Rap)

Not only is talk overrated in this song, but love itself. These artists have given up after countless heartbreaks and decide it might just be best to keep it casual and realistic. The signature venom-filled verses of blackbear and the acoustic, boy-next-door voice of Zucker paradoxically complement one another. 

“Watch” by Billie Eilish (Electropop)

In one of her most underappreciated songs, Eilish symbolically watches her heart burn with the fire that her lover started after she realizes that her love is one-sided. With key lines like “If we were meant to be, we would've been by now,” her awareness manifests into frustration and she resigns herself to let it all go up in flames. 

“The Gold” by Manchester Orchestra (Neo-Folk)

“Couldn't really love you anymore,” the first line of the song, sets the tone for this heart-wrenching anthem in which the lyrics poetically reflect a love that has gone to pieces. About a minute away from the end of the song, the music drops away and the first two lines of the chorus are sung and then the overwhelming background surges forward. It feels like flying and then crashing back to earth.