WSUM's Weekly Adds: 2/14

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    by Music director
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    Sat Feb 15 2020

Every week at WSUM, our Music Director, Izzi, chooses her favorite new releases to add to our music library. Here are this week's favorites, presented to you by WSUM's Music Journalism Club.

The Homesick, The Big Exercise 

HIGHLIGHT TRACKS: “Children's Day,” “Leap Year,” ”Kaïn,” “Male Bonding”

GENRE: Art punk, indie rock 

RIYL: Parquet Courts, Television, Women, bob hund

Hailing from The Netherlands, The Homesick's sophomore effort, The Big Exercise, is the band's first full length since signing to the prolific Seattle based label Sub Pop. Within the 10 tracks of this album, The Homesick present a dichotomous sonic direction, rapidly switching between quirky and psychedelic indie pop and tense and occasionally muscular sounding art punk. For an example of some of the surprisingly confrontational energy of this record, take a look at the closing track, “Male Bonding,” a song featuring jerky rhythmic patterns, mangled and distorted guitars, and at one point, screamed vocals. On the other hand, a track such as “Kaïn” has the same neurotic energy as many post-punk songs but is delivered with a distinct sense of pop sensibility in mind. This kind of diversity and versatility makes The Big Exercise a worthwhile listen for any fan of either post-punk or skiddish indie rock. – Matt Jarosinski

Shadow Show, Silhouettes

HIGHLIGHT TRACKS: “Charades,” “Shadow Box,” “Contessa”

GENRE: Psych rock, garage rock

RIYL: Jack White, The Oh Sees, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

All female rock outfit Shadow Show's debut album, Silhouettes, is bursting with vintage ‘60s psych riffs with a modern Detroit garage ethos. Like much of the contemporary garage rock that has risen from the motor city over the past few years, Shadow Show's sound is groovy, tight and energetic. This, combined with a ‘60s psych rock flair, makes Silhouettes a heavy and danceable, albeit not entirely unique, album. If you're a fan of ‘60s rock but are looking for something a little more modern, this is the perfect album to get down to. -Ayden Schultz

Hey Cowboy!, Get in My Fanny Pack and Let's Go

HIGHLIGHT TRACKS: “ Cherry Jerry Citrus,” “Hello, Mr. Nasty,” “Feelin' For”

GENRE: Synth pop, dream pop

RIYL: Warpaint, La Luz, The Ophelias, OHMME, Homeshake

Austin based synth pop band Hey Cowboy! are back with their latest release Get in My Fanny Pack and Let's Go. The trio's ethereal sound blurs the line between indie pop earworms and psychedelic soundscapes in the best possible way. Through layered vocal harmonies, call and response lyrics and varied sonic textures, the band manages to craft a sound far grander than that of your average three piece. Get in My Fanny Pack and Let's Go is the perfect musical example of an album being greater than the sum of its parts. – Sean Horvath