Your Eyes are Sweating: A Saddie Playlist

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    by Music director
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    Wed Feb 19 2020

by Monique McCormack

It's time to embrace those melancholy feelings you've been trying to suppress with this week's playlist. Spanning a wide variety of genres from rap to folk and everything in between, it'll be difficult to not find a song that resonates with your heartbreak, loneliness or hopelessness. At least you can enjoy exploring new tunes while you cry into your pillow. Don't worry — I won't tell anyone. 

1952 by Geoffroy

“Closer” by Geoffroy

Montreal artist Geoffroy explores his feelings of loneliness, grief and nostalgia in his adrift musings on Closer. He “cannot find peace in an ocean” and the song has moments of slow crooning and desperate electronic interludes. This song and the album were written for his mother, who had passed away the previous year. 

“Nonchalant” by 6lack

It's rare to find an album with consistently remarkable songs, but 6lack's album East Atlanta Love Letter is a glaring exception. This slower, introspective song compliments the other lyrically impressive songs on the album. Other highlights include “Pretty Little Fears”featuring J. Cole, “Seasons”featuring Khalid, and “Let Her Go.

“Blue Cellophane” by BabyJake

A stark contrast to his fun-loving anthem “Cigarettes on Patios,” BabyJake wonders, “Will I ever be painless?”His anguish is reflected in his fleeting cocaine dependence and his general pessimistic view of life and others' selfishness. 

“My Eyes” by The Lumineers

In this often forgotten song by one of the most notable folk outfits of recent years, the lyrics address the unknown “you,” asking what they did to him to make him so lost. Lyrics like “It's all or nothing to you”and “What did you do to my eyes / What did you sing to that lonely child”make me wonder if it is aimed to depression or the allure of riches, love or fame. It has shifted his perspective and left him with nothing. 

“Workin' Out” by JID

The light, classic sounding piano on this track falls into a contemplative song discussing the quest for affluence that has left JID unsatisfied. Despite all the work he has put  in, it all seems futile. I prefer the “A Colors Show” version of this song because it really emphasizes the piano.

“Alcohol” by Tobi

Argentine Rapper Tobi delves into discovering whether or not alcohol really helps him feel any better. Despite his now “blurry” life, he finds clarity and reevaluates his way of coping with pain. 

053117 by Kalou

This interesting fusion of an acoustic-sounding song with bass and high hat inflections creates an emotional vulnerability hidden underneath Kalou's brash-sounding rap. The lyrics reflect heartbreak and his inability to get over his ex and depression. 

“Do Ya” by ASTN and HALP

Heartbreak, a common theme among sad songs, is explored in ASTN and HALP's collaboration, “Do Ya.The artists ponder whether or not a past lover still thinks about them and wonder what to say to her. This was the first song I heard by ASTN, and since then I've become enamored with his unique sound. 

“First” by Cold War Kids

Easily one of the greatest songs of the 2010s, Cold War Kids creates an emotional storm by joining vulnerable lyrics with a raw rock. The defiant chorus consists of shouts of defeat, wondering how his life dissolved.

“HEADY” by Reaper

This song has my award for best opening minute. It begins with lone vocals as Reaper casually voices his thoughts and in the next second the wave of background music hits and shifts tempos into an almost unrecognizable chorus. 

“Onlysmokecigsontheweekend” by Walkabout and Chris Ryan

This rave-like song delves into the heartbreak of falling for someone that wants a casual relationship rather than a meaningful one. The artist discusses his vices to cope with his feeling of “falling.”