Monthly Archives: February 2020

The Iowa Caucus: A Clumsy Celebration of Democracy

Anticipation mounts among caucus-goers as Chair Wolfe opens the Clinton First Precinct Caucus. Photo: Sam Buisman Author: Sam Buisman Iowa led the nation in choosing the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate on Feb. 3, with the Iowa Caucuses. In this almost … Read More >

No Te Quiere

A (Anti-?) Valentine’s Day Playlist by Monique McCormack With Valentine’s Day approaching at an alarming rate, it’s easy to get your hopes up just to have yet another, flowerless, chocolateless, lonely “love” day. For those of you in relationships, maybe … Read More >

WSUM’s Weekly Adds: 2/6

Every week at WSUM, our Music Director, Izzi, chooses her favorite new releases to add to our music library. Here are this week’s favorites, presented to you by WSUM’s Music Journalism Club. Wild Nothing, Laughing Gas HIGHLIGHT TRACKS:  “Sleight of … Read More >