Of Montreal Show Preview

By: Spencer Bierman

Have you ever been so inspired by a failed romance that you named your band based off of it? Well, if you are Kevin Barnes, this may be the case. of Montreal, created by frontman Kevin Barnes, was named after an unsuccessful relationship between him and a woman “of Montreal.” Founded in 1996 as part of the Elephant 6 Collective, of Montreal is a genre bending indie-pop band from Athens, Georgia. Drawing heavily from the psychedelic fueled sounds of the 60s, of Montreal blends styles from across time and region to fashion a whimsical, and often alien, soundscape that entrances listeners across the globe.

Coming to Madison on Tuesday, March 10th at the Majestic Theatre, of Montreal will put on a show that is undoubtedly bound to be as electrifying as it is perplexing. of Montreal is well known for their energetic shows that match the drug-fueled sounds of the 60s while combining emotions that everyone – in some shape or form – can relate to: love, community, strife, and unadulterated joy. This show is destined to draw a crowd as vibrant, vivacious, and untethered as the music that Barnes seeks to create.

Every new album that of Montreal releases is unpredictable and often deviates from past sounds while incorporating feelings and experiences that Barnes has collected since his previous music endeavor. Similar to its styles and Kevin Barnes outfits, the lineup of of Montreal’s show is often changing. Currently, the live band includes Barnes as lead vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, Clayton Rychlik on drums, Jojo Glidewell on keys, Davey Pierce on bass, and Nicolas Dobbratz as another multi-instrumentalist. For a more comprehensive look at the ever-changing live line-up of of Montreal there is a handy guide on the band throughout its existence.

Barne’s latest album, UR FUN, was released on Polyvinyl Record Co. on January 17th of this year. UR FUN provides a joyful soundscape juxtaposed by the unhinged lyrics that hide

in every song. Drawing heavily from the energetic stylings of 80s pop, UR FUN provides not only an opportunity to reflect on your inner demons, but to dance those doubts and introspections away. Nonetheless, of Montreal is certain to allow you to embrace your Tuesday blues while propelling you towards the weekend and warmer weather.

Tickets for of Montreal are still available on Majestic’s website. Doors are at 7:00 pm and the concert kicks off at 8:00 pm with New York band Lily and Horn Horse. This concert is all ages and is sure to be a blast for anyone looking to escape.