Colony House Preview

By: Maddy Lesniak

Colony House, an indie rock band from Nashville, Tenn., is making their way back to Madison and promoting their newest album, Leave What’s Lost Behind, on their way. The four men of Colony House have been quietly carving out a place for themselves since their 2014 debut album, When I Was Younger. This album put them on the map and was quickly followed by their second album, Only the Lonely. Their music portrays a creative mix of rock, folk and indie spirit while exploring meaningful topics. Many of their songs are deeply personal and confront purpose, insecurities and faith.

After the release of their second album, the band had two years of heavy touring and appearing on shows such as Late Night with Seth Meyer, Today and CONAN. It was an exciting time, but with all the commotion they found themselves in a wanting to get back to their roots. In 2018 they transitioned away from major labels and began to try and rediscover what Colony House sounded like.

Leave What’s Lost Behind is Colony House’s third album and to quote front man Caleb Chapman, “a bit of an experiment.” He goes on to explain that, “After a lot of trying to figure out what Colony House was supposed to sound like next, we put that on hold and began focusing on what Colony House wanted to communicate.” This album is Colony House’s return to the excitement of playing what they wanna play and singing what they wanna sing.

Colony House will be performing at High Noon Saloon, on March 13th. Doors will open at 8:30pm and Tyson Motsenbocker will open up the night at 9:30pm and Colony House following. The show is limited to ages 18+ and looks to be an exciting night with some rocking music.