Breaking Point Playlist

by Izzi Bavis

I’ve sat down to write this piece numerous times. The first time I planned to curate a preview for the South by Southwest festival, but the festival was cancelled. The second time I decided this would be a “if I had gone to SXSW” playlist to listen to while I was in Austin, as I was still planning on going to see unofficial shows and enjoy spring break. But then the school cancelled my flight and I was not going to Austin, TX after all. I then was going to make a classic “staying at home” spring break playlist but quickly lost motivation as the world around me shifted to a new reality. 

So now here I am sitting at my dining room table while my 16 year-old brother does his physics schoolwork and my 12 year-old brother can be heard in the living room doing his sixth grade reading assignments. Here are songs that have gotten me through the past three days of quarantine and will hopefully get me through this period of uncertainty. 

“Habit” by Still Woozy

“Habit” is a classic lo-fi indie song. It bleeds California and reminds me of biking to the arboretum in Madison, something I wish I was doing right now.

“Wanted You” by Twin Peaks

For this lovely extended break I am stuck in Evanston, IL. Twin Peaks is from Chicago and this song reminds me of winter and returning home. In an attempt to stay positive through this mess, this song allows me to feel a bit of control as I bop along in my mom’s car. 

“Daily Routine” by Disq

Doctors say try your best to keep your daily routine, and mine includes listening to Disq on repeat. 

“Midway” by Bad Bad Hats

The best Live@WSUM so far was hands down Bad Bad Hats. I have never been more proud of myself and Daniel than that day, we killed it. 

“Lena” by Babehoven

Babehoven is weird, just like me. 

“Bewitched” by Luna

This song reminds me of last year. It is a very pensive song and makes me reflect on everything in my life. This song is perfect to just sit back and watch the world go by with.

“Walk On By” by Dionne Warwick

“Walk On By” is a banger. I love this song. This song reminds me to be a boss ass bitch and not allow anyone to walk over me. 

“Visions” by Loving

Classic indie song, can’t go wrong. 

“Are You Bored Yet?” (ft. Clairo) by Wallows

I’m so bored of this quarantine. I’m ready to star in my own indie film where the entire soundtrack is by Wallows.