UW-Madison to offer grading accommodations due to COVID-19.

Students will have the option of choosing special grades that do not affect their GPAs. Photo: Bascom Hall photo by Phil Roeder and the online text of Provost Karl Scholz.

Author: Sam Buisman

UW-Madison announced grading accommodations for students disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic.

According to an announcement from Provost Karl Scholz, undergraduate, graduate, special and capstone students enrolled in the Spring 2020 term will have the option to convert letter grades of C or higher to a grade of Satisfactory-Disruption and Ds or lower to a grade of Unsatisfactory-Disruption.

Neither the SD or UD grades will affect students’ GPA calculations, and students will be able to make their choice to convert their grades or not after receiving their final letter grades.

The SD grade will fulfill students’ degree and future course prerequisite requirements just as a normal passing grade would, whereas the UD grade will not count for any credit. However, the announcement notes that this means students who convert letter grades of D into the Unsatisfactory-Disruption grade will not receive credit for that course and it will not count towards their degree progression.

For undergraduates, choosing to receive an SD or UD grade will not count against the 16 credits that undergraduates can take pass/fail.

Students will be able to opt into a grade change from May 9 to May 22, although the University is still working out the process by which students will make their requests.