Top 5 Best Things About Fall at UW-Madison

Author: Zoe Klein

I sit writing this from the bed in my childhood home, mourning the loss of a “spring” semester in Madison; “spring” used loosely because, well, I think the occasional May snow speaks for itself in Wisconsin. My heart aches for the students’ abroad who had their semester adventure cut short, the freshmen who had yet to experience the joy of a late-April picnic on Bascom Hill with their newest best friends and mostly for the Madison seniors who were robbed of spring afternoons at the Terrace and a graduation ceremony in  Camp Randall. I decided that I would reminisce on a few indelible moments from fall 2019, and fun fall semester things all Badgers can relate to… to remind us of all the good we got to experience this year at least, and add a little light into the heartbreak, reminding us of why nothing beats being a Badger. 

Okay so here are top 5 things to appreciate from FALL 2019

  1. Football Season

The Badgers ended the 2019 season with a B10 West title, made it to the B10 Championship game and made a big appearance at the Rose Bowl (only losing by ONE point too). Moreover, the Badgers won every single home game this year, which is more than fun for all the season-ticket holders out there (including the big W against everyone’s (least) favorite Wolverines, 35-14); that’s seven big, happy Jump Around’s in the Camp Randall stadium. A big shout out to #23, Jonathan Taylor for an amazing season. UW-Madison will surely miss seeing you out there on the field come the first gameday in the 2020 season.


2. Women’s Sports

Often not given the amount of recognition they deserve, Badger women in sports, as always, kicked ass this past fall. The women’s hockey team went 28-5-3 before the NCAA season was cut short, and sadly they didn’t have a chance to defend their championship title. Additionally, the women’s volleyball team made it to the NCAA final against Stanford, and put up a damn good fight too (ending with an overall record of 27-7). 

3. Fall Concerts

For all you big concert junkies out there, it was another successful semester for music venues in Madison. Many of us spent late nights at the Sylvee, the Majestic, and even the Overture, just to name a few. Madison was able to play host to more than a few artists like Lizzo, Big Thief, the Head & the Heart, and Lana Del Ray. Additionally, we got to experience yet another wild and fun Halloweekend with Freakfest, featuring Lil Yachty and Madison’s very own Alexander Kain. Lastly, this post wouldn’t be complete without mentioning WSUM’s annual Snake on the Lake, ah the days when we could congregate in large groups and listen to music!


4. Construction (wahoo!)

Now… this may not sound like a big deal, but the long-awaited Hamel Center, housing the Mead Witter School of Music, opened Friday, October 25, 2019 (construction began in March 2017 and cost a whopping $55 million). Among other construction: finishing pretty Witte, the Nat’s construction is underway and whatever hole they started digging along University Ave (you’ve all walked past it, don’t lie) has begun. This is all very exciting, the thought of a few shiny, new buildings being erected for our use; hopefully we come back to Madison soon to see the finished products!


5. Largest Incoming Freshman Class (2023)

I felt it important to celebrate the new class of 2023, which brought in a colossal 7,550 students! Total fall enrollment increased by almost a thousand people (44,411 to 45,319)!! We welcomed in a whole new round of baby Badgers who just prove that ‘Scon pride is unmatched and make those crisp, bustling fall days on campus that much more amusing. On, Wisconsin!


  • Honorable Mention: UW Vet Car Super Bowl Commercial

WeatherTech CEO David MacNeil’s dog Scout was dying, but UW Vet Care developed an aggressive treatment for his cancer that extended his life expectancy and MacNeil paid $6 million to create and air a commercial thank UW Vet Care. Here’s to UW’s spotlight on the big screen baby!