WSUM’s 2020 NFL mock draft

With the NFL Draft looming tomorrow, here is a final look from Noah Clark at how the first 32 picks will play out:

  1. Bengals- Joe Burrow, QB, LSU

There is a lot to love about Burrow on tape. Only knock I’d have on him is his development. Might take a year or two before his play at LSU in 2019 looks like his play in the NFL. However, he has the weapons around him to be a successful quarterback and could prove to step in and deliver right away.

2. Redskins- Chase Young, Edge/DL, Ohio St

This is the perfect pick for the Redskins, a team that has a defensive minded head coach in Ron Rivera. Young could provide this team an added boost immediately and could help them be a competitor in the NFC. Only issue I’d have with Young is he could expect a lot of double teams which could make his play worse as a pass rusher. Especially, in a division that has stacked offenses like the Eagles and Cowboys.

3. Lions- Jeffery Okudah, DB, Ohio St

Losing Darius Slay was huge for the team and for head coach Matt Patricia. They will want to fill that need quickly with Okudah. He has great coverage skills and could provide Detroit’s defense with some help in the secondary. While Okudah’s coverage skills are great, his technique can be a bit sloppy making it easy for receivers to beat him of the line.

4. Giants- Andrew Thomas, OL, Georgia

The Giants need to get some offensive line help with Daniel Jones taking over as the starting quarterback. Thomas would be a great fit. Excellent in terms of run blocking and pass blocking and in my mind is the best tackle in this draft. Along with that, he has great speed and is a guy that could be a great pull blocker. Hand technique is the only issue I’d have with Thomas. He isn’t consistent in terms of hands and could need to adjust and develop at the next level.

    5. Dolphins- Tua Tagovailoa, QB, Alabama

Let’s face it, I was expecting this pick to happen and rightfully so. The Dolphins need a QB and can get right here at five. Tua has incredible accuracy and great arm strength along with mobility and could be the first left-handed quarterback taken in the top five since Mike Vick. Two things with Tua that I’d be worried about, Injuries and he’s left-handed. Left-handed Quarterbacks aren’t as popular as they were in the early 2000’s. Tua could break that but could also make it extinct. Along with his injury history he could provide a big issue for the Dolphins, but when healthy he is a superstar.

   6. Chargers- Justin Herbert, QB, Oregon

I expect the Chargers fully to leapfrog the Dolphins to try and get Tua. But if not then I see them selecting Herbert. He is another Paxton Lynch in my eyes. He has good traits but didn’t quite display his full ability. He is a developmental player and could take a couple years before he gets to be the starter for this team. I like this pick for the Chargers but expect them to try and hop the Dolphins for Tua.

   7. Panthers- Isaiah Simmons, LB/S, Clemson

The Panthers need a guy to replace Kuechly. Simmons can do that and more. Blazing speed for a LB and can play in several spots for the Panthers. Only issue is size, at Clemson he played in several spots which is why he doesn’t have the size that you would want at LB. Might need to add a couple pounds in order to be a LB who can give a thump.

8. Cardinals- Derrick Brown, DL, Auburn

Arizona’s offense is already loaded with talent, which is why I think the defense needs some work. Arizona was the worst defense in the league last year. Pairing Brown with Jones could be a lethal group for years to come and could be a huge boost for their run defense. Brown is known as a guy who is not only a good run stuffer but also can disrupt the pass. Strength will be a big issue as he is more mass than muscle. But still could provide a boost for the cardinal’s defense.

9. Jaguars- Javon Kinlaw, DL, South Carolina

Kinlaw would fit well with the Jags as defense was terrible last year ranking 24th in total defense last year. The year that they went to the AFC championship game, their defense was stellar the last two years it hasn’t been since their great run. Kinlaw would be a key piece for that group, Big guy on the defensive side and can disrupt the offensive game plan for teams. Like Young he will have some big issues in terms of double teams which will make his play worse.

10. Browns- Tristan Wirfs, OL, Iowa

Baker Mayfield needs help on the offensive line and Wirfs is the guy that could help them. Probably the most athletic offensive lineman in this draft, Wirfs impressed at the combine and could impress the browns. He is excellent as a pass blocker and could develop into a solid run blocker. One worry is can Wirfs prove that those combine numbers matter.

11. Jets- Jerry Jeudy, WR, Alabama

With Robby Anderson gone, the Jets need a target for Sam Darnold. Jeudy could fit right in, he has impressive route running ability and can beat receivers off the line. I see him as another Davante Adams. A guy who can just win the route and be a reliable receiver for the Jets. Only issue I have is can he take the pounding of an NFL receiver?

12. Raiders- Ceedee Lamb, WR, Oklahoma  

   This is Carr’s make or break year with the Raiders. And the way the Raiders can help Carr? Bring some receiver help. Lamb is a monster and can be a great run after the catch receiver for Vegas. I could see him as a potential offensive rookie or the year candidate if he lands with the Raiders.

13. 49ers- Henry Ruggs, WR, Alabama

Ruggs has blazing speed and can take it to the house on almost every play. I see another Tyreek Hill in the making with Ruggs. Again, size is an issue for Ruggs as he is a small receiver, and I could see the 49ers moving him around.

 14.Bucs- Mekhi Becton, OL, Louisville

With Tom Brady coming to Tampa Bay, the Bucs need to build around him. And that starts with offensive line help. Becton is the biggest offensive lineman in this draft. Has great size and speed as he had a fast forty time. Development could be slow with Becton as he didn’t come out of pro-style offense or an offense that helped him develop as a tackle. Bruce Arians demands a lot out of his offense and the development of Becton could be slow.

  15.Broncos- Jedrick Wills, OL, Alabama

Broncos would want a wide receiver at this pick, but with the top three gone, they will go tackle and Wills is a solid fit for Denver. He can move and has great hand technique and is the second-best run blocking lineman in this draft. His arm length is the only issue, but the good news is he can be kicked into guard and could improve Denver’s running game with Gordon and Lindsay.

  16. Falcons- C.J Henderson, DB, Florida

The Falcons are going to be looking for secondary help and Henderson can fill that need. Henderson is a tall corner and can really help cover some of the elite receivers in the NFL. He can also be moved into safety for his size as well and that could be a change that Dan Quinn would love as their safeties have been banged up last year.

  17. Cowboys- Cesar Ruiz, OL, Michigan

Travis Fredrick is gone, and the Cowboys need to fill that spot in a hurry. Ruiz would be a good fit as he played in a pro-style offense in college and could improve pass protection for Dallas. He has not developed enough into a run blocker and might be something in Mccarthy offense that they would need as the Cowboys have Zeke running the ball more than 25 times a game.

18. Dolphins- J.K Dobbins, RB, Ohio St

From day one of the 2019 season, I have really enjoyed the Ohio State products film and could see him as another Zeke with the right fit for a team. Miami needs a running back to pair with Tua and this is the guy that can do it. Has great vision and great speed, when he gets into open field, he is almost untouchable. Needs to develop more on pass protection. Did not develop enough In college to be a consistent pass blocker and could see him falter in the next level.

19. Raiders- Trevon Diggs, DB, Alabama

The raiders pass defense was bad last year. Ranking 25th in the NFL last year, Diggs would be a solid fit for them. Has a long arms and can cover against some the top receivers in the NFL. In division where you have Tyreek Hill and Courtland Sutton and Keenan Allen, you need a corner that can lock them down and Diggs would be a great fit for the raiders.

20. Jaguars- A.J Terrell, DB, Clemson

  Jacksonville needs to keep improving their defense. With the addition of Kinlaw, they need some secondary help and Terrell could provide that. He is very physical on the line in terms of jabbing receivers and making it hard for them to get a good and clean route. Along with that, he is excellent in terms of one on one coverage against some of the nation’s best receivers.

  21. Eagles- Denzel Mims, WR, Baylor

This would be a perfect fit for the eagles. They need wide receiver help and Mims can bring in size and would be perfect red zone target for Wentz. Can fit well with Jeffery and Jackson. Developmental prospect and could take a couple years before you see him flourish with the eagles.

  22.Vikings- Jeff Gladney, DB, TCU

With Xavier Rhodes, Trae Waynes and Mackenzie Alexander gone, they need secondary help. Gladney has experience and a stellar cover corner. Could come in and start right away for the jets. Height could be a problem early on in his career and could have to reinvent his game in the NFL.

  23. Patriots- K’Lavon Chaisson, LB, LSU

Quarterback would be a need for the Pats, but Belichick is going to trust Jarrett Stidham. The Pats defense needs linebacker help and with Hightower on the last year of his contract, they will want to fill that need quickly. Chaisson has strictly been a pass rusher and will need to develop into a cover linebacker in order to succeed, but strong rusher and is relentless and could also provide a solid pass rush.

  24. Saints- Patrick Queen, LB, LSU

Saints are in win now mode and could look defense. With Demario Davis having a couple years left on his contract, they will need to fill that spot for the future. Queen has decent size a decent speed. Amazing cover linebacker and can help cover some of the NFL’s best receivers. Another developmental player and could also see them trade out of spot to gain picks.

 25. Vikings- Laviska Shenault, WR, Colorado

Vikings will take an all-around guy and another receiver. Diggs is gone and they need to fill that hole alongside Thielen. Shenault was at one point the best receiver in the draft, has speed and size, also can be moved around from wide receiver to running back to quarterback and has “taking it to the house” ability every time he touches the ball. Big issue is health, had played most of the 2019 season with a nagging injury. Could be a high risk but also high reward.

  26. dolphins- Joshua Jones, OL, Houston

With solving the quarterback and running back issues, the dolphins turn to offensive line help. Tackle would be a solid fit for them, and jones is an athletic tackle. Stellar pass blocker and can help protect Tua. Didn’t come from a top school and could struggle with Miami in his first year but could develop into a solid tackle.

 27. Seahawks- Yetur Gross-Matos, DL, Penn St

Seattle’s defense was awful in pass defense last year and could use a pass rusher to sure up that pass defense. Gross-Matos could be seeing a lot of playing time in his first year, has great size but is an unknown and could be a high-risk high reward with his athleticism.

  28. Ravens- Zack Baun, LB, Wisconsin

The ravens defense will look to add another pass rusher. And with Judon questionable long term for the ravens, they might look to add Baun. He is a guy that was banged up most of his career at Madison but when healthy he is another future top five pass rusher in the league. This would fill the need if they don’t re-sign Judon.

  29. titans- A.J Epenesa, DL, Iowa

Jurell Casey is gone and in comes Epenesa. Can be an excellent inside rusher, strong bull rusher and can help the titans run defense improve after last year when they finished 12th in run defense. I could see this pick put them in the top 10 in rush defense. Only issue is Epenesa is consistent in terms of play and being a threat.

  30. Packers- Justin Jefferson, WR, LSU

Aaron Rodgers can’t do it on his own anymore, he needs help. Packers will look to wide receiver and Jefferson can come in be a problem for teams in the NFC north and the NFC. I see him a lot of Michael Thomas but with a bit more speed. Has excellent route running ability and great speed and the packers could use that down the field. Problem could be he might see a lot of action his first year and that could worsen his play.

   31. 49ers- Ross Blacklock, DL, TCU

Niners have a big gap in the defensive line with Buckner being traded to the colts. Blacklock has decent size and has long arms, straight bull rusher and can keep the Niners run defense afloat as well as their pass defense with Blacklock. Development into a pass rusher could be something that Saleh could speed his development.

  32. Chiefs- Kristian Fulton, DB, LSU

Chiefs could get a huge steal with Fulton, and rightfully so. They are going to be looking at secondary help and improve their pass defense which finished 8th last year. Fulton has won everywhere and has great size and coverage skills. Could be steal of the first round for the chiefs.