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WSUM's Weekly Adds: 4/24

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    by Music director
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    Fri Apr 24 2020

Every week at WSUM, our Music Director, Izzi, chooses her favorite new releases to add to our music library. Here are this week's favorites, presented to you by WSUM's Music Journalism Club.

Elvis Depressedly, Depressedelica

HIGHLIGHT TRACKS: “Primal Sigh,” “Holo World,” “Chariot (Reprise)”

GENRE: Indie pop, indietronica

RIYL: Ricky Eat Acid, salvia palth, The Postal Service

Depressedelica marks Matthew Lee Cothran's first release under the Elvis Depressedly moniker in four years. It also marks a bit of a departure in terms of aesthetics and production style. In places where I expected to find lofi acoustic guitar I found bright, poppy synths, crisp drum machines and, most surprisingly, heavily autotuned vocals. What's more, the closer, “New Love in the Summertime,” forays into a strange, electronic Americana style that I didn't know existed until I listened to it. Cothran doesn't quite divorce himself from his older, more down-to-earth style (see “Chariot (Reprise)”), but other than that I found most of Depressedelica to be quite a left turn from his previous releases. That's not to say old dogs can't learn new tricks, as I found the overall tone to be uplifting and optimistic, and optimism is definitely something we could all use a little extra of right now. — Shelby Len

Lido Pimienta, Miss Colombia

HIGHLIGHT TRACKS: “Para Transcribir (SOL),” “Nada,” “Te Queria,” “Resisto Y Ya”

GENRE: Folk, cumbia, electronic

RIYL: Helado Negro, Janelle Monáe

If Miss Colombia was made of nothing but Lido Pimienta's voice, it would be a beautiful album. But it is the way that she combines different textures bouncy electronic rhythms, horns and call and response that makes the album absolutely stunning. The third release from Toronto-based creative Lido Pimienta, Miss Colombia is a reflection on her Afro-Indigenous-Colombian heritage and childhood, a reaction to the difficult realities present in the places she calls home (the album's title is a reference to the 2015 Miss Universe pageant mishap). Sister tracks “Para Transcribir (SOL)” and “Para Transcribir (LUNA)” bookend the album, creating the perception of a day inside Pimienta's world.

Listening to an album sung almost entirely in Spanish can be intimidating, but Miss Colombia is anything but: the album opens on Pimienta's clear voice, which is joined by a pair of horns that welcome the listener in. The following tracks continue to layer simple ingredients, from the understated earworm “Nada” to the futuristic “No Pude.” The dynamic percussion on “Resisto Y Ya” proves Pimienta's talent for combining carefully selected beats to craft a perfectly layered track. As the album's colorful cover would suggest, Pimienta has no fear of challenging the norm, and she draws inspiration from a deep pool of influences that includes Sexeto Tabala (who are featured on the album), A Tribe Called Red, MIA and Cardi B. Lido Pimienta pieced together this album and her personal history from start to finish, exactly the way it deserves to be heard.  — Zoey Knox

Fiona Apple, Fetch the Bolt Cutters

HIGHLIGHT TRACKS: “Shameika,” “Heavy Balloon,” “For Her”

GENRE: Alternative

RIYL: Björk, Regina Spektor

I'm going to be honest, I did not know Fiona Apple before my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook feeds were flooded with praise for Fetch the Bolt Cutters. After listening to the album on repeat, I can confirm that the hype is well deserved. The album is incredibly unique, each track has seemingly different sounds and emotions that are beautifully woven into the album. Tracks like “Shameika” and “For Her” demand attention. The album breathes with ease and is captivating. I've never heard an album quite like this one; every song introduces you to a different emotion that Apple is feeling. I've enjoyed spending hours just sitting and unpacking this album, and  I recommend you take the dive as well. — Izzi Bavis

Ian Chang, Belonging

HIGHLIGHT TRACKS: “Audacious (feat. KAZU),” “Comfort Me (feat. Kiah Victoria),” “Teem,” Drunken Fist”

GENRE: Electronic, experimental, future soul

RIYL: Jacob Collier, Clipping, Tobacco

The debut album from Dallas based musician Ian Chang is an energetic trip through the world of experimental electronica. Deep, lush production throughout Belonging gives it an air of sophistication while bouncy beats keep it from ever becoming pretentious. The record flows beautifully from start to finish, led by its emotive bass tones and stuttering drums. Tracks like “Teem” represent this balance beautifully with their anxious sounding percussion that  begs you to start moving along to the beat. On “Audacious” (feat. KAZU) and “Comfort Me” (feat. Kiah Victoria), Chang shows his sensual side with much more laid back (but still danceable) production and the addition of some fabulous R&B vocal features. The closer, “Drunken Fist,“ ends the album on a darker note, with pulsing rhythms and ominous string samples giving way to what could best be described as a JPEGMAFIA beat on acid. As a whole, this album manages to straddle the line between experimentation and listenability beautifully. I would highly recommend it to any fans of experimental electronic music. —  Sean Horvath

ADULT. Perception is/as/of December

HIGHLIGHT TRACKS: “Second Nature,” Total Total Damage,” “Controlled By”

GENRE: Electronic, electroclash, synth punk, electro-industrial 

RIYL: Ladytron, Peaches, Trust, Kontravoid

On their seventh album, Perception is/as/of Deception,  the Detroit outfit ADULT. return with their rebellious and energetic take on the genre of electroclash. It's easy to get lost in the sounds of Perception is/as/of Deception;tracks such as “Second Nature” are just as hypnotic as they are blood pumping. Other highlights of the album include “Total Total Damage” with its stark and sharp synths and cold, industrial tinged drum machines. Towards the back end of the album sits the track “Controlled By,” an exercise in creating nocturnal and punky soundscapes which draw images of dark city skylines and dimly lit clubs. If you're in need of frigid yet lively electroclash, Perception is/as/of Deception will not disappoint.  —  M. Jarosinski

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