Baldwin co-sponsors bill to guarantee internet to K-12 students during pandemic.

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    by News director
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    Wed May 13 2020
If passed, the bill would appropriate $4 billion to provide students with the technology to attend online classes. Photo: pxfuel, licensed under creative commons.

Author: Sam Buisman

Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin co-sponsors a bill aiming to guarantee internet connection to students during the coronavirus pandemic.

According to a press release, Senator Baldwin signed onto the Emergency Educational Connections Act of 2020, a Senate bill designed to provide all K-12 students with the necessary technology to attend online classes while COVID-19 prevents in-person instruction. If passed, the bill would appropriate $4 billion to provide students with wireless routers, modems and laptops or similar devices throughout the duration of the crisis.

“We have to make sure every student can continue their education right now,” said Senator Baldwin through a press release. “This legislation will help ensure that students in Wisconsin have access to what they need to stay connected to their school community — no matter where they live.”

According to Education Week, 94% of US K-12 schools have ended traditional classroom instruction amongst the pandemic, but according to the Department of Commerce, 14% of school-age children live in homes with no internet service.

As a result, many students have fallen behind in their studies or even dropped out of school due to their inability to participate in online classes.