A tale of two states: Parts of Wisconsin reopen while others stay locked down after court ends Safer At Home.

A photo from a bar in Platteville minutes after the Supreme Court issued its ruling. Photo: Twitter screenshot of @nicksonsec.

Author: Sam Buisman

Wisconsinites crowd bars in some parts of the state while staying at home in others after a court ruling against the Safer At Home extension.

After the Wisconsin Supreme Court struck down the statewide order yesterday, some towns and counties scrambled to enact local versions of the order, with those that did not condoning businesses to reopen. As a result, many such towns saw their residents flood bars and taverns in complete disregard of social distancing guidelines, behavior that experts warn could encourage the spread of COVID-19.

However, Republican lawmakers believe that Wisconsinites will be able to take their own precautions against the coronavirus pandemic without a government order.

“Moving forward, it is now up to each individual to make a personal choice on how restrictive they want to be,” wrote State Representative Cindi Duchow in a press release. “I trust Wisconsinites to use common sense and make the right decision for themselves.”

Democratic politicians urged the public to stay at home regardless of if their local government has ordered it or not.

“Now just because the Supreme Court says it’s okay to open, doesn’t mean the science does,” said Governor Tony Evers in a raido address. “Folks, deadly viruses don’t go away on their own and they don’t go away because the Supreme Court says so.”

According to Channel3000, nine counties, including Dane, have issued their own Safer At Home order.